Get wrapped up in success with a Grecian Gyro franchise!

When he founded the first Grecian Gyro, Nick had no idea that someday he'd be creating an entire franchise system. He just wanted to bring fresh, authentic Greek food to his new hometown! But his idea was such a huge success, that the demand for more delicious gyros meant it was time to expand.

Today, Grecian Gyro remains the first and longest-running Greek quick-serve restaurant in Atlanta. For nearly 40 years, diners have traveled from all over for a taste of Nick's iconic Best of Atlanta gyros -- often standing in lines wrapped all the way around the building.

Now you can be a part of our big, fresh Greek family! We are making the innovative Grecian Gyro concept available as a franchise opportunity and are seeking ambitious, motivated individuals to join our enterprise and grow their own Grecian Gyro restaurant right along with us. If you're ready to start investing in your own future by building the Grecian Gyro brand to a new following of loyal, happy customers, please get in touch. We'd love to meet you!

Our Concept

Grecian Gyro's recipe for success combines four key ingredients:

Unique Product
We offer a fast, delicious, authentic Greek dining experience at an affordable cost. What sets us apart is our menu of healthy dishes fresh ingredients, and unique sauces and flavors. We specialize in serving our signature Best of Atlanta gyro, a thinly sliced blend of beef and lamb cooked to perfection on a traditional rotisserie. But our gyro is only the beginning! We also serve a great variety of made-to-order pita wraps including grilled chicken, pork tenderloin, sirloin steak, and our own Grecian tuna salad. And our fresh Greek salads, potatoes and traditional sides make the perfect accompaniment.

Superior Quality
Grecian Gyro believes that a dish that's quick and inexpensive should also be high in quality. We proudly serve meals made with farm-fresh produce, superior meats and imported Greek ingredients. Our salads and vegetables are cut and prepared fresh each day; our Spanakopita and cookies are baked fresh every morning, and we create our own signature sauce and dressings.

Custom Sauce
What makes Grecian Gyro the best gyro in Atlanta? According to the South Fulton Extra, "The secret may be in the sauce." Unlike other Greek restaurants, Grecian Gyro serves a delicious alternative to the typical cucumber-yogurt sauce. Our signature Nick's Grecian Sauce is a tangy cream sauce blended with Mediterranean herbs and spices that our customers literally crave. It is the perfect accompaniment to our savory wraps and hand-cut Grecian potatoes dusted with our own seasoning blend.

Simple Operation
The Grecian Gyro concept is based on a simple operation that allows us to serve a high volume of customers with a small staff and minimal equipment needs, storage space and on-hand inventory. The result is a cost-efficient business with low overhead, ideal for a successful franchise concept. Our streamlined operation and thorough attention to detail keeps prices affordable, our quality consistent, and our customers coming back year after year.

The Company

Our Story

Nick Koulouris opened Grecian Gyro in 1982 with $50 in his pocket, a dream in his heart, and his secret sauce recipe locked tightly in his head. The first Grecian Gyro restaurant in Hapeville, Georgia created the ultimate in high-quality, quick-serve Greek food and soon became an Atlanta favorite. For over 30 years, Grecian Gyro has gained the reputation of serving "Atlanta's Best Gyro" (the coveted honor of Atlanta Magazine and its readers), made with farm-fresh, imported ingredients and custom sauces and dressings. In 2007 and 2008, the company expanded with locations in Tucker and Forest Park; in 2012 the company responded to years of customer requests for more locations throughout metro-Atlanta by launching the Grecian Gyro franchise company with a location in Johns Creek. In 2013 they opened a fifth location in Dunwoody, in 2018 the sixth location in Snellville, and in 2019 the seventh location in midtown Atlanta.

Nick's Grecian Sauce
"The secret may be in the sauce," boasted The South Fulton Extra in 1989, and since then Nick's Grecian Sauce has been the cornerstone of the restaurant brand. A tangy cream sauce blended with Mediterranean herbs and spices, the secret family recipe has become an obsession of our loyal customer following. Along with a family of custom salad dressings and spice blends, Nick's sauce differentiates Grecian Gyro from other Greek restaurants. Perhaps Beth Robinson at said it best in her 2009 review: "I think it would be possible to eat chair legs if you cut them small enough and covered them in this sauce."

Mission Statement
• To provide quality, irresistible Greek meals.
• To kindle a following of loyal customers who are proud to bring to our restaurants generations of their own family and friends.
• To treat our employees and staff with the utmost respect, and to value their service to our restaurants.

Commitment to Excellence
Grecian Gyro is committed to serving our customers delicious, authentic Greek meals made with superior quality ingredients. All of our meals feature custom dressings, sauces and spices, following time-tested family recipes. Our salads and potatoes are cut fresh and prepared daily, our traditional gyro and other meats are carefully selected from trusted sources, and we use ingredients imported directly from Greece including peppers, Feta, and olives grown in Nick's hometown of Kalamata. It is through this dedication to providing customers with exceptional service and quality, that we can maximize the success of the franchise system.

Corporate Values
One of the strengths of the Grecian Gyro system is our commitment to our corporate values. We uphold that commitment to our customers, our employees and to the authenticity and quality of our food. Our corporate values encourage high quality and freshness, exceptional customer service, a friendly work environment, fair and honest business practices, and community involvement. We encourage all of our staff and franchisees to embrace the Grecian Gyro culture and values integral to success.

Franchise Philosophy
The key objective of Grecian Gyro Franchising is to build a large system of highly successful franchisees with a following of loyal, happy customers. As a franchisor, we are committed to sharing the company's success and savings with our franchisees. We are invested in their success, and believe that only through their prosperity can Grecian Gyro thrive.

Why Grecian Gyro?

Atlanta's Best Gyro
• First and longest-running Greek quick-service restaurant in Atlanta
• Over 40 years of positive brand recognition and goodwill, including being named "Atlanta's Best Gyro" by Atlanta Magazine and its readers
• Iconic brand with recognizable logos, memorable slogans, and inimitable recipes

Nick's Grecian Sauce
• Exclusive rights to use Nick's one-of-a-kind Grecian sauce, dressings and spice blend

Affordable Quality
• Large-volume purchasing power with margins up to 20% less than the average gyro restaurant
• Superior standards of quality including farm-fresh produce, imported and olives, custom sauce, dressings and spice blends, and excellent meats
from trusted sources

Franchisor's Philosophy for Your Success
• Focus on building a thriving franchise company by growing a large system of highly successful individual franchisees
• Commitment to sharing the company's success and savings with franchisees
• Maximizing success by boosting customer satisfaction through exceptional service and quality
• Dedication to company values and fair business practices
• Flexible consideration of creative cost-cutting solutions throughout construction and operation

Training and Support
• Unique opportunity to receive training from the company founder and his sons
• Comprehensive training program teaches all aspects of the business, from operating profitably to slicing the perfect gyro meat
• Ongoing training and support from company executives and team members
• Creative marketing approach to building customer base and loyalty

Ease of Operation
• Efficient operation requiring a minimal number of employees, simplifying the hiring, managing and training process
• Proprietary training program that helps maintain standards of quality
• Reasonable operating hours with option to close Sundays, providing a higher quality of life balance

Smart Business Model
• Proven, successful business model with three profitable metro-Atlanta locations
• Low opening costs with minimal equipment and flexible retro-fit and design requirements
• Lower food costs due to corporate-negotiated prices
• Dual revenue streams with both traditional operations as well as corporate and event catering
• Concise menu that allows for simple operation, minimal storage requirements and minimal required on-site inventory
• Streamlined processes resulting in manageable operation and lowered payroll costs

Franchise Opportunity
• Unique opportunity to benefit from entering the franchise system early
• Low start-up costs, franchise fees and royalties
• Priority in selecting ideal location for your business
• Easy expansion for multiple units