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When Nick Koulouris opened Grecian Gyro, he was a one-man shop... He bought produce from the local farmer’s market on his way to work each morning. Once in his apron, he cut all the meat by hand and chopped the vegetables he would serve that day. Hours before the restaurant opened, Nick whipped up his own custom gyro sauce and salad dressing, allowing time for the flavors to blend perfectly. As customers poured in, Nick prepared each meal fresh to order. It was hard work, but Nick was dedicated to serving the most delicious meals inspired by the classic flavors he loved growing up in Greece.

To this day, Grecian Gyro upholds this tradition, operating our restaurants “Nick’s Way.” We are committed to serving authentic Greek meals made with superior quality ingredients and uncompromising freshness. We know that doing it “Nick’s Way” is the only true way we can continue to wow our customers and ensure that Grecian Gyro remains, “Atlanta’s Best Gyro.”